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Professor Fabio Costa To receive his 3rd stripe!!

Our very own hug-able Professor Fabio Costa will be receiving from the man himself, Master Carlos Gracie Jr, the 3rd stripe on his Black Belt. He will be receiving that on June 3rd at GB annual brunch that will be held in California after the World Championship takes place.

Professor Fabio has been an advocate of the Jiu Jitsu for everyone project. His in giving back to the community includes his own non profit schools in Brazil teaching kids.

“I feel like a little child opening my Christmas Day’s present” says Professor Fabio.

One of the most well traveled black belts, currently, Professor Fabio is in the Gracie Barra Headquartes working with the Worlds Competition Training Camp.

Professor Fabio will head back to Georgia 06/06 to get on the mats with his new stripe and share with his students some of what he’s seeing at the camp.

He describes his personal growth and journey through the dense jungle of Jiu Jitsu as, “it was a worthwhile experience. I’m still growing. I have a lot to learn aside from the techniques. I will continue to better myself to teach kids, they are the next Jiu Jitsu ambassadors” he concludes.




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